Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's the use of Creative Drama in our lessons?

It's known that games are the vital parts in children's lives.They gain a lot when they play games. They get ready for their future roles. Modelling and acting -as if - situation gives them the oppurtunity to prepare themselves independantly.
Creative drama provides children to define and differentiate their feelings and leads them to convey themselves in a proper way. It also enriches child's imagination / skills . It plays a great role in developing the artistic quality in themselves and creates a tendency in any kind of art. It develops the critical thinking ability as well.
Drama also contributes in developing the aesthetic conciousness and sense. Because the children reflect their feelings at the time of the activities, it influences emotional improvement in a positive way .
In spite of the fact that drama doesn't give the priority for having fun and entertainment, while acting -as if- situations they have great fun. Drama amuses the kids and creates the feelings of hope and optimism .

In short, How will we get most use of it?
We'll discuss our thoughts and ideas here..
So here we go!

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