Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sometimes it is really difficult to keep the students fully motivated and interested in reading. As teachers we try different and attractive ways ,but it stays the same: a challenge.
Some students really enjoy reading whereas some prefer to do other things instead,more isolated and some of them try to read ,struggle but they can't make it. There must be some good ways to motivate them to read every day. Not as teachers but also as parents there are some minor tips that we could use.
Once children lose interest in reading, it's hard to get them back.

If parents let their children choose books themselves this will make reading more motivating and make reading a memorable family event.
We may ask questions about the story at bed time.
We may arrange a book family time to read with your children every day.
Create a special reading place, reading corners at school or at home, with the kid's favorite books We may also encourage children to read words on TV, street signs and names etc...
We may organize a reading day at school or in our neighbourhood.
Also teenagers could read articles and magazines about anything interest them ,music ,technology, latest movies.
Try to specify a regular visit to the library.
If you are a good model, they will learn easily emphasize the importance of reading.
And the earlier you start reading the better results you get later.
Use reading time to create a special bond with a child.
Reading also gives chance to exercise your brain which is so important when you become old.
As a parent or the teacher you are the one who is fostering the kid's ability in reading by giving the priority at home as well as at school..

The motivation to read also begets to decrease as kids get older. Reading is a vital skill. If you don't practice, you won't develop the vocabulary, the skills etc. You won't be able to read fast.

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